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Feeling Guilty Until Proven Innocent?

It may be New York state, but this is still America!

Last we checked, in the good old U.S. of A., a person is still innocent until proven guilty. In New York, a traffic ticket - whether for speeding, seat belt, or anything else - is an accusation or charge, not a conviction. You may be guilty or not guilty of the charges laid against you, but that must be determined in a court of law before you can be issued any fine, points, or other penalty. At the Law Office of Ken McCauley, we base our entire Vehicle & Traffic practice on this philosophy and make the legal system work for you.

Unfortunately, the reality is that this can be a difficult uphill climb as you battle a team of trained law-enforcement officials including State Troopers or local police officers, prosecuting attorneys, and local traffic court Justices. Having the right New York traffic attorney on your side - one that knows the law, understands local procedures, and has personal experience with the judges and prosecutors who will be reviewing your case - can make all the difference in helping you maintain your innocence and avoid serious penalties.

Attorneys Ken McCauley, Rakesh Joshi, and associates can be your best advocate in any New York traffic ticket situation. Our law firm takes the time to understand the facts of your case and the concerns you may have about points, fines, assessment fees, even a pending license suspension or revocation. We answer all your questions and keep you updated on the status of your case from the day you hire us to the day your case is closed. But don't take our word for it - read what our former clients have to say:

What Our Clients Have To Say

We don't like to brag - but we will let our clients do it for us!

"Ken is a very bright lawyer with an incredible work ethic. He always went the extra mile to make sure that I had the proper representation..." [Read More]

Brian - Schenectady, NY

"I was arrested when the police kicked in my door after they caught some of my roommates hosting a party..." [Read More]

Steve - Schenectady, NY

"I got a ticket for doing 77 in a 55 which was ALSO A WORK ZONE! I knew that if I didn’t hire an attorney I would have a bunch of points added to my license..." [Read More]

Ariel - Guilderland, NY

Traffic Ticket Reductions

Check out some of our recent results and you'll see why our referrals keep on coming.


Albany Work Zone ticket REDUCED → 0 POINTS!

A 4 point VTL 1180F (Work Zone) speeding citation was reduced to a parking ticket in the city of Albany. Client saved several hundred dollars and was not required to appear in court. Total fine: $125. No state surcharge, 0 points added to driving history. 0 DMV Driver Assessment fees.


4 point speeding ticket reduced → 0 POINTS!

Our client was pulled over for driving 83mph in a 65mph zone in Little Falls, a small town in Herkimer County. The case was able to be resolved via reduction to VTL 1201(a) - a non-moving, parking violation with no state surcharge. No points were issued and our client was able to keep their clean driving history intact.


VTL 1180D reduced → VTL 1201(a) in Canajoharie, New York.

A 4 point speeding citation in Montgomery County was reduced to a parking ticket (non-moving violation). Client saved over $200 in fines, paid no state surcharge, and avoided all auto insurance issues.


6 Point Work Zone ticket in Albany REDUCED → 0 POINTS!

Charges of operating a motor vehicle at 21mph over the posted speed limit in a Construction Zone were resolved via plea bargain to a parking ticket in the Albany City Court. Client saved HUNDREDS of dollars and received no points or other negative impact on NYS Abstract of Operator's record. Total fine: $150.


Chatham Town Court: 9 Points REDUCED → 2 Points!

Child 8-15 Back Seat No Seat Belt and 6 point VTL 1180D in Columbia County. Very serious charges in a difficult part of Upstate NY. Most courts will not consider reductions on child seat belt tickets. Chatham town court REQUIRES appearance by client and/or counsel. Client facing over $1,000 in fines alone. Case was able to be resolved - 2 point non-speeding violation + 0 point parking ticket. Client license was saved from suspension.


VTL 1180B SPEED OVER 55 REDUCED → 0 Points!

A 4 point speeding ticket in the Ghent Town Court, Columbia County, was reduced to a parking ticket - VTL 1201(a) - a non-moving violation with no points and no accompanying state surcharge. Our client didn't even have to take time off work to come all the way to the court. Auto insurance and DMV issues averted!



Albany, NY - 70mph in a 55mph zone. Client faced 4 points and a doubled fine over $400 with possible DMV Driver Assessment fee ($300 minimum). Case was resolved to a 0 point parking ticket with $150 total fine.

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