Albany City Court - Traffic Part

Albany City Hall - Basement, 24 Eagle St., Albany, NY 12207 / (518) 453-4630

The traffic part of the Albany City Court, or "Albany Traffic Court" is located in the basement of City Hall, an impressive building located next to the even more impressive New York Supreme Court. All Vehicle & Traffic violations from the city limits of Albany are heard here. With SUNY, The College of St. Rose, Lark St., Washington, Western, Madison, and Central avenues in its jurisdiction, the judges and clerks here stay very busy. To pay a fine, speak to a clerk about your case, or to get other information visit their official website at

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Representation in the Albany Traffic Court

If you get a ticket in the city of Albany or have an issue with DMV, we can help. We are New York vehicle & traffic lawyers based right here in the City of Albany (17 Ver Planck St). We go to court for you and help you save time (in most cases our clients will not have to make a trip to court), money (reduced fines, surcharges, assessment fees), and protect you from any future legal problems (non-legal professionals doing a case on their unwittingly make mistakes). Our attorneys understand the law and know the ins and outs of local policy to help you reduce points or have your charges dismissed. From low-mph speeding tickets to more serious Scofflaws and other license complications, we know the best course of action to resolve your case whether - by plea bargain negotiation or trial. Contact us any time for a free consultation of your case - (518) 406-8330.

Moving Violations

These are the most common types of tickets and includes almost every category of traffic violation - speeding, move over law (1144-a), disobey traffic devices, traffic signals, following too close, etc. Penalties can range from a modest $50 fine to time in jail, so you should always consult with an attorney if you have any questions about what to do. And we don't say that just so you'll hire us. Every county, prosecutor, judge, and court has its own distinct policies that can make a big difference in how your case must be handled. If you plead or are found guilty of a moving violation, penalties will include the obvious fine and points, but there are also state surcharges and DMV assessment fees that can double or triple the amount of money you pay in total. Many people do not take these and other important factors into consideration thinking they will save money by representing themselves or just pleading guilty. Don't tell yourself "it's just a traffic ticket" because traffic tickets are serious businesss in New York state. Failure to properly address a traffic violation can lead to further, unforeseen legal complications including criminal charges.

Criminal Misdemeanors

Most traffic tickets are violations but some, like Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle (A.U.O.), and Logbook Violations are actually criminal charges. Obviously these types of cases are a little more serious than your typical speeding ticket and must be handled with the appropriate care and expertise. Criminal charges also differ in that your appearance in court may be required, although we do our best to ensure that clients who do not live anywhere near the courtcan avoid this burden. If you are charged with A.U.O., we will help you locate and pay any unpaid fines or resolve any unanswered tickets so that you can have your driving privileges restored in New York or your home state/country.

Commercial Drivers (CDL)

If you drive for a living you really understand the need to keep your driving record clean. Many companies will not tolerate any driving infractions or points of their Class A, Class B, and Class C drivers and will release them if found guilty. New York state has strict transportation laws and law enforcement officials are well-trained. Give us a call or click the "free consultation" button above to send us an email with details of your situation. We deal with CDL drivers all the time and whether you get a moving violation or more serious transportation law ticket like a Logbook violation, we can help keep your job and driving privileges.