Berne Town Court

1656 Helderberg Trail, Berne, NY 12023 / (518) 872-1448

Like many other small towns in Upstate New York, the Berne Town Court is located in the Town Hall - this one on Helderberg Trail, tucked away in the scenic corner of Albany County near Thatcher State Park. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 57, Town Hall. Court is held only twice a week. For their specific schedule and other local government information, please see their official website -

Berne lies at the intersection of NY State Routes 156 and 443. It's history is told in a great little placard posted at the Town Hall (also oin the photos above). It reads: "Founded about 1750 by Swiss, Dutch and German settlers. Scene of the 1780 Deitz Family Massacre. From 1825-1833 the Simmmons Ax Factory flourished in Berne. Part of the Van Rensselaer patroonship, Berne was the meeting place of the hill town tenants and capital of the Anti-Rent movement. An agricultural community in the 19th century, Berne has become a residential and recreational area in the 20th century."

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