Town of Coeymans Court

18 Russell Ave, Ravena NY 12143 / (518) 756-8480

This small-town court is known for two things - being confused with the Ravena Village Court (also located in Ravena) and for having very tough judges. This is one of those courts where you can get thrown in jail and/or have your license suspended for accusations of high speeds, reckless driving, and other dangerous behavior. Personal appearances are also required to answer all traffic violations, even on low 3 point speeding tickets. Without being biased, we can say that whatever you decide you definitely want a lawyer if you get in trouble here. Common charges are 6-point speeding tickets and related misdemeanors like Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (AUO) and Unlawful Possession of Marijuana (UPM). Clerk hours, court schedule and other information can be found on their official website -

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Law Office of Ken McCauley: Results When It Matters Most

At the Law Office of Ken McCauley, we provide defense, representation and counsel to clients with legal troubles in Albany County - including the town of Coeymans. We offer affordable legal fees on traffic tickets and criminal defense cases and pride ourselves on delivering superior results for all of our clients. You can learn more about Attorneys Ken McCauley and Rakesh Joshi on their Googlel+ profiles or read what some of our clients have to say about us on our reviews page and on Google+.

Types of Cases We Take

Most local matters here are traffic tickets and common criminal misdemeanors like DWI and other drug-related charges as well as issues revolving around suspended licenses. We take all these types of cases including traffic matters under the NY Transportation Law - things like logbook violations and others that only apply to commercial CDL drivers. If you have a question about any type of case, please always feel free to contact us and we will be happy to evaluate your situation (all consultations are free of charge).

Our Typical Fees

Legal fees usually depend on the complexity and seriousness of the case, with the rule-of-thumb being the worse trouble you are in the more expensive it will be. We understand that hiring an attorney and dealing with even a simple speeding ticket can be costly and we try to keep our fees as affordable and competitive as possible. Payment plans and special discounts (student discounts) are also available to help mitigate costs.

Coeymans F.A.Q.

How Much Are Fines For Speeding in Coeymans? This is a one of the most frequently-asked questions regarding any type of new york traffic ticket, but the answer is not simple. In short, your fine will depend on the severity of the violation you are convicted of (not necessarily your original charge). In the end, a typical fine for a speeding ticket conviction here will be around $150 plus the $80-$85 state surcharge. Where the costs really start to add up in New York state, however, is in special Driver Assessment Fees that are sent to you from NY DMV once you have accumulated a certain amount of points.

I Got A Speeding Ticket - Can I Avoid Points? This is another common question with a complicated answer. In the end, yes, in many cases you can avoid getting any points on your license. However, high speeds (like 6-point speeding tickets) are typically not reduced to 1201a (0-point parking violations) in this court. There are many factors that determine the outcome of any particular case, though. Please call to share the details of your case with one of our attorneys and we can better assist you.

I Got a DWI - Will I Be Required to Install an Alcohol Interlock Device (IID) on my Vehicle? Albany County has some of the toughest rules regarding DWI and DWAI in the area. However, your DWI charge is an accusation and you must be found or plead guilty before a functioning interlock device is required. As criminal defense attorneys, our job is to advocate your case and fight for your rights under the law so that you can avoid any unfavorable penalties. Contact us with other questions about DWI.