Albany County

New York Traffic & Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Law Office of Ken McCauley takes cases in every Albany County court where traffic violations and criminal matters are heard. We offer affordable legal fees starting at just $200.00 for tickets and offer payment plans and student discounts. Read more about the types of cases we handle and visit our dedicated page for each local court for more information.

Types of Cases

Most of the cases we take in Albany County are: traffic tickets, criminal matters, internet harassment cases, NY State Liquor Authority applications and violations, and contract drafting and review. We will occasionally take uncontested divorce cases, landlord-tenant disputes and other small claims. Our attorneys know how to get things done and we pride ourselves on making our clients happy. If you need a lawyer for a type of legal matter not listed here, please feel free to contact us. We have excellent relationships with many of the best lawyers in the area that we can refer you to in the event we are unable to represent you. For your convenience, we have listed below some of the most common types of traffic infractions and criminal charges that we handle.


Listed below are all of the Albany County justice and appeals courts where we represent clients. Please visit our main Courts page for other New York counties.

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