Menands Village Court

250 Broadway, Menands NY 12204 / (518) 434-3992

"The Menands Village Court is responsible for traffic matters, criminal matters, civil matters, environmental conservation matters, local law matters and small claims actions occurring in the Village of Menands." This includes speeding tickets, DWI, and landlord-tenant disputes, among many others. The court is located on the second floor of the Menands Municipal Building, which also houses the local Police and Fire Departments. Court clerks are available to answer questions and accept payment of fines Monday - Friday, 8am - 4pm. Their fax number is: (518) 626-0428 and you can email them at: If you need to request an adjournment of your case, they ask that you call NOT email. For additional information, visit their official website (which is exceptionally helpful) at -

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Menands NY Traffic & Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you need an attorney in Menands, that's where we come in. Our lawyers at the Law Office of Ken McCauley represent clients charged with crimes, traffic violations, and Transportation Law issues in the Albany area. We offer affordable legal fees starting as low as $200 for speeding tickets and other routine VTL matters and offer payment plans and student discounts for more costly issues. Contact us for a free consultation or check out ✮✮✮✮✮ our excellent reviews!

Speeding Tickets & Other Moving Violations

Traffic infractions on interchange I-787 and Route 32 (Broadway Ave) are very common here with drivers traveling between the cities of Albany and Troy on business and recreation. Work Zone violations (VTL 1180F) are common with the intermittent construction in this area as well as VTL 11440a "Move Over" law tickets. Most speeding tickets are 4 and 6 point VTL 1180B's (Speed Over 55) due to the 55mph speed limit on the highway. We go to court for you in the vast majority of these cases and you should not have to take time off from work or school to appear unless your speed was exceptionally high or there are other aggravating circumstances.

Suspended Licenses

If your driving privileges have been suspended here in New York or in your home state, it is usually due to one of two reasons: Failure to Answer Summons (Scofflaw) or Failure to Pay a Fine. If you do not know why your license has been suspended, contact the Menands Court Clerks and they may be able to help you locate any open tickets and give you information about your current status. Once you have that information, contact us for a quote. If you only owe fines, you may still want to speak with one of our attorneys before taking any action to see if there any options available to avoid or reduce points and other penalties.

You may also be charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle (A.U.O.), which is how many people find out or are reminded that their license is in fact suspended. AUO 3rd and AUO 2nd are both criminal misdemeanors (AUO 1st is a felony and Facilitating AUO is not a crime) that are taken very seriously in the Menands court. We can help you, but please contact us as early in the process as possible to avoid any further complications.

Error Coram Nobis

Even if you have already plead guilty to a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket violation there is a way to "reverse the decision" or reopen the case. When a judge grants an Error Coram Nobis petition, the court will treat your case almost as if it were brand-new. This can help you avoid high fines, points, and the NY Driver Responsibility Fee. The cost for these types of cases can be significantly higher than a standard traffic ticket and there is no guarantee the court will grant the petition, but when successful it can make a huge difference in the amount of fines, fees, and other penalties you pay.

Transportation Law

Professional CDL drivers often face increased scrutiny regarding points and what appears on their driving record. We know that your career and very livelihood may be threatened by a single conviction and we work extremely hard to make sure you can keep your employer happy and remain in business. Even for misdemeanor Logbook Violations and other, more serious charges we have an excellent track record of proven results.

DWI and Other Crimes

We also defend people charged with DWI, DWAI, UPM (Unlawful Possession of Marijuana), and other misdemeanors in the village of Menands. Albany County has strict DWI policies, so please contact us with the details of your case including your next scheduled court date, your record BAC (blood alcohol content), whether or not you submitted to the roadside breathalyzer test, and if you have any prior convictions.