Ravena Village Court

15 Mountain Road, Ravena NY 12143 / (518) 756-2313

This court is infamous for having very tough Justices. If you get a high 6-point speeding ticket (21+mph over the speed limit), there is a real chance your license will be temporarily suspended. Reckless driving charges and dangerous speeds can also land you in jail for the night. Your personal appearance is required in this court even on traffic matters, so plan to make the trip or hire an attorney to appear on your behalf. Court is held every Wednesday at 4pm and clerks are available at the window or by phone at (518) 756-2313. More information is available on their official website - villageofravena.com.

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Ravena, NY Lawyers

Whether you have been charged with a routine traffic ticket or a more serious criminal charge, we can help you. Attorneys Ken McCauley and Rakesh Joshi know the law, understand local policies, and are familiar with the judges and prosecutors in the Village of Ravena - all essential parts of getting the right results when it matters most. No matter the complexity of the case we make the entire process as easy and affordable for you as possible, and in most cases you will not have to come to court. Our traffic ticket fees start at $250 (with student and military discounts available) and we offer payment plans to help finance your legal costs. Some of the most common types of cases we handle in Ravena include:

Speeding Tickets (VTL 1180A Speed Not Reasonable Prudent, VTL 1180B Speed Over 55, VTL 1180C School Bus, VTL 1180D Speed In Zone, VTL 1180E, VTL 1180F Work Zone, VTL 1180G) ▪ Move Over Law (VTL 1144-a) ▪ Cell Phone (VTL 1225-c) ▪ Portable Electronic Device / "Distracted Driving" (VTL 1225-d) ▪ Unlicensed ▪ Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle / "AUO" (VTL 511) ▪ Logbook Violations ▪ Inadequate Brakes ▪ Uninspected / Unregistered ▪ Failure to Yield ▪ Failure to Signal ▪ Unlawful Possession of Marijuana / "UPM" ▪ Driving While Intoxicated / "DWI" ▪ Driving While Ability Impaired / "DWAI"

This, of course, does not cover every kind of ticket or criminal charge you can get in the Ravena court, so please call or email us to discuss your particular situation. All consultations are free of charge and there is no obligation to hire us. We believe our professionalism and quality service speaks to the value we provide, but please feel free to read some of our excellent reviews.

To speak with a Traffic or Criminal Defense attorney for your case in the Village of Ravena, call (518) 406-8330 or visit this page to send us an inquiry online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reduce points in the Ravena court? The Ravena Village Court has a policy for allowing plea bargain negotiations. This means that, in most cases, we can help you reduce points or eliminate them completely. This is accomplished by either having your charge(s) dismissed or negotiating your ticket to an equipment or parking violation, such as VTL 1201a. The more serious the charge, the more difficult it will usually be to reduce the points.

How much Are fines for speeding in Ravena NY? Fines for speeding vary depending on your charge. This site has an easy-to-read breakdown of the fine ranges set by the VTL law. In the end, the local Justice (judge) has the final say about what your fine will be. And remember, no fine is issued unless and until you are convicted or plead guilty to your charges.

Do I really need a lawyer? A friend of mine showed up to court, the officer did not and her case was dismissed. We've all heard stories like this, but the reality is not alway so simple. In the Ravena Village Court, and anywhere in New York state, your court date can be rescheduled to make sure the accusing officer is present. That would mean you would have to make plans to attend court a second time. If you are charged with a more serious misdemeanor like Aggravated Unlicensed Operation or DWI, you may be instructed to retain an attorney. In many cases, the District Attorney's office will not even negotiate with you unless you have retained legal counsel. The bottom line is the legal system can be extremely complicated and mysterious to anyone who does not deal with it on a regular basis. In our experience, people fare far better and save more money when they hire a good lawyer.