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This tiny little village is so quiet and unimportant that it's own county has forgotten about it. There is no current official website, the link to an old website on Saratoga County's official site leads to nothing, and the Ballston Spa Town website doesn't even mention its existence. Trust us that this place does in fact exist, though, and the court and law enforcement officials here are real.

If you do get in trouble here, chances are it will be for speeding, 1144-a, some kind of unlicensed driver misdemeanor, DWI, or UPM (Unlawful Possession of Marijuana). However, if you find yourself in legal trouble on any other charges here please feel free to contact us for immediate help and advice. Whether you are scheduled for arraignment, appearance, or a trial we can help, but your situation will greatly benefit from having an attorney on the job as early as possible. We cannot stress that enough - Do not delay action on your case until the last minute! Call our office. Come to our office. Write us a letter. It doesn't matter so much how you get in contact with us, only that you do. The chances of securing a favorable disposition in your case are greatly increased when your legal representative has sufficient time to properly construct and carry out an intelligent defense plan.

When you are able to speak with Mr. McCauley or another attorney from our office, please be sure to have your ticket on hand and any other documents you have in regards to the legal matter. Payment to our office can be made in person or online via credit/debit card or even Paypal for your convenience. We believe our fees are fair and competitive and we offer payment plans and special discounts. We also believe that our service is second to none as we stay in close communication with our clients until their issue is completely resolved. To speak with a Ballston Spa traffic or criminal defense lawyer today, call (518) 406-8330 or complete the form on our contact page. You should typically hear back from us in less than one hour.