Malta Town Court

2538 State Route 9, Malta, New York 12020 / (518) 899-6797

Malta is a small town in Saratoga County, New York just south of Saratoga Springs. The local justice court hears criminal matters, vehicle and traffic violations, small claims (up to $3,000), civil matters, eviction proceedings, and town ordinance / zoning matters for the Town of Malta and Village of Round Lake. Court hours, schedule and other information can be found on their official website:

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Traffic Ticket Defense

If you get a traffic ticket in Malta, know that you are not alone and we can help. Although this part of Upstate NY can seem fairly out-of-the-way (especially if you're coming from Albany), state Highway Patrol and local officers keep a vigilant watch over this section of the Thruway (Interstate I-87) as many travelers tend to disregard the speed limits in this open area. (I'll admit it can be very easy to forget how fast you're going in this beautiful, wooded area). Consequently, many 4 and 6 point speeding tickets are issued here - often to Canadian drivers with rental cars travelling to or from Ontario and/or Quebec.

Other common moving violations include VTL 1144-a (FLD DUE CARE EMERGENCY VEHICLE) also known as the "Move Over" law. In New York state, if a cop, ambulance, or other emergency or tow vehicle with white, red, or amber lights is stopped on the side of the road, all drivers are required to slow down and "move over" to an open lane. This is a fairly recent law enacted to protect the lives of those working along the roadways. That said, Malta takes the 1144-a tickets very seriously and prosecutes aggressively, as does every other local court in the area. For reference - some courts, like the Bethlehem Town Court in Albany County will not even allow plea reductions on these charges. Fortunately, Malta Town Court judges and local policy typically allow these charges to be reduced but we are always more than happy to take your case to trial if you feel you have been ticketed unfairly or are otherwise not guilty.

We also handle Transportation Law cases like Logbook Violations. If you are a fleet manager, truck driver, or other professional / CDL driver, we are always happy to help and offer discounts on cases with multiple tickets (for example, one of your drivers gets stopped for speeding, but is also issued a Logbook Violation and seat belt ticket - which is very common). To speak with a Malta traffic lawyer regarding any type of case, please call our office or click the button below to request a free consultation.

Criminal Defense

Some traffic tickets are actually considered crimes, among those Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle (AUO) and Logbook Violations. Other crimes tend to go hand in hand with driving - DWI for example - as well as UPM (Unlawful Possession of Marijuana). These are typically misdemeanor charges that you must answer in the town court. In some case you may not have to attend court if you hire our office, but that is on a case by case basis. If you need legal representation on these or any other criminal charges in Malta, we are happy to be your attorneys. We can help you correct any Scofflaws if your license is currently suspended or help you keep your driving privileges if they are in danger. We offer affordable legal fees with payment plans available to help you finance more costly matters and are always flexible when working with our clients.