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A busy court at the seat of beautiful Saratoga County. Dont' be confused, as us locals refer to this place as "Saratoga" (not mentioning the "Springs") but there is also a nearby Town of the same name. This court hears Misdemeanors, Vehicle and Traffic Law misdemeanors, Violations, Preliminary processing of felonies, Traffic infractions (like parking tickets), Cases for $15,000 or less in money damages (civil lawsuits), Small claims for $5,000 or less in money damages, Housing (landlord-tenant) cases. Our office represents clients on all these matters and our VTL fees start as low as $200. The city's official website does not have much information on the court, but you can find hours and other details at the New York Unified Court System's page here -

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Attorneys in Saratoga Springs, NY

We defend those charged with crimes and traffic violations as well as those involved in civil disputes in Saratoga County. Attorney Rakesh Joshi will be your personal contact in the Saratoga Springs City Court. He is a graduate of Albany Law School and has an incredible record of successful wins for our clients in courts of law throughout Upstate NY. We offer affordable legal fees with speeding tickets as low as $200. Payment plans are also available. Contact us by email or call (518) 406-8330. More Information:

This includes all sections of the New York Vehicle & Traffic Law Section 1180. For more information, see this page. Speeding penalties include fines, DMV assessment fees, DMV points (3 points, 4 points, 6 points, 11 points per violation), license suspensions & revocations, and jail time in some cases. Fines are doubled in Work Zones (VTL 1180F). New York's speed restriction laws include ▪ VTL 1180A Speed Not Reasonable Prudent ▪ VTL 1180B Speed Over 55 ▪ VTL 1180C School Zone ▪ VTL 1180D Speed in Zone ▪ VTL 1180E Special Hazards ▪ VTL 1180F Work Zone ▪ VTL 1180G Radar/Laser Detectors.

Driving While Intoxicated with alcohol is a crime in New York state that carries severe penalties including license revocation, jail time, heavy fines and mandatory installation (and maintenance) of an alcohol-detecting interlock device on all vehicles at your home. Currently, the legal limit for BAC in New York is .08. Saratoga County, like other local jurisdictions, have particular policies regarding plea bargain negotiations and mandatory sentencing depending on refusal of chemical tests and recorded Bloood Alcohol Content.

UPM (NY Penal Law § 221.05) is a violation, not a crime, but a conviction can result in disqualification from student loans and/or loss of employment. You will be required to appear in court to answer the charges. With an able attorney, the matter is often able to be reduced or Adjourned in Comtemplation of Dismissal. Contact us for details/fees. Please have your ticket available for best assistance.

New York's "Move Over" law is designed to protect the safey of State Troopers and other emergency workers. VTL 1144-a is a 3 point violation and, because of the nature of the offense, is taken very seriously. Saratoga Springs City Court does not have a "no plea bargain" policy at this time for these tickets and they may be reduced. If you were falsely charged with a violation of the Move Over law, you may be required to appear in court at the time of trial to testify.

Texting while driving has reportedly emerged as a major cause of auto accidents and fatalities in recent years, particularly among teen drivers. With the abundance of smart phones in this digital era, Governor Andrew Cuomo has directed DMV to raise the Points penalty for distracted driving offenses to 5 points. Junior and probationary license holders will now face 60 days license suspensions if convicted and 60 day revocation for junior license holders or 6 month revocations for probationary license holders, if convicted a second time in 6 months.