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Schenectady City Court - Traffic

The Traffic Part of the Schenectady City Court, also known as the "Schenectady Traffic Court" is located in the City Hall building on Jay St. in downtown (you guessed it) Schenectady. All speeding tickets, cell phone violations, other crimes and moving violations of the NY State Vehicle & Traffic law are handled here.

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This is a busy court in the heart of the Capital District. Policies for reductions, etc. tend to be fair and the District Attorneys and Justices are great to work with. Mostly speeding tickets from the reduced 55mph limit in city limits on I-890. It's always nice working in a full-time court that has several court clerks tending to cases and answering questions. Rating: 4.7/5 by

Get Help With Your Traffic Ticket Violations

If you need expert legal representation on a traffic matter in Schenectady, you've come to the right place. Our attorneys have experience with ALL types of NY Vehicle & Traffic Law issues, including:

  • Speeding Tickets (All Types) ← click to hide

  • These come in various forms of VTL 1180, which will appear on the Section/Subsection area of your paper Uniform Traffic Ticket that you receive when you get pulled over. Penalties for conviction include points and fines but vary depending on the class of speed. Speeding 80 in a 55mph zone, for example, is a 6 Point ticket while 60 in a 45mph zone is a 4 Point violation. Fines also vary and are doubled in Work Zones. For more information on the different types of speeding tickets, please see our dedicateed Speeding Tickets page.

  • Move Over Law (1144-A)

  • New York's Move Over Law is responsible for an increasing number of tickets in Schenectady County. It appears as VTL 1144-A or VTL 1144-AA on your Uniform Traffic Ticket. If you fail to slow down and "move over" to an open lane when approaching a stopped or standing emergency vehicle (including ambulance, police vehicle, or even tow truck) with white, red, or amber flashing lights, you can receive a citation for violating the Move Over Law. It may also appear on your ticket as "FLD DUE CARE EMERG VEH STOPPED OR STANDING". This is a 3 point violation with a $275.00 fine.

  • Cell Phone Tickets

  • VTL 1225-C. It is illegal to talk on your mobile phone in New York state without the use of a hands-free device. Due partially to the concern over teen deaths while driving, New York state has adopted tough penalties for distracted driving. In 2013, DMV increased penalties for cell phone tickets to a 5 point violation, even for first-time offenses. Learn more about fines and repeat offenses.

  • Portable Electronic Device (Distracted Driving)

  • Not only is talking on your cell phone while driving illegal, but operating any "hand-held" electronic device as defined in VTL 1225-D of the NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law is also punishable by fine (plus state surcharge) and 5 points on your NY driving history. This includes texting or taking pictures with a smart phone, entering driving directions on a GPS device, or using an app on a tablet (and more). The New York State police have been aggressively enforcing these rules with regular traffic ticket campaigns such as "Operation Hang Up" and others. Keep an eye out as local police are very vigilant within Schenectady city limits.

  • Unlicensed Operator (also Aggravated & Facilitating)

  • VTL 509-1 Unlicensed Operator. 0 points. Drivers who are not suspended but perhaps fail to have their drivers license with them at the time of a traffic stop. Our attorneys usually have very little trouble favorably resolving these cases here.

    VTL 511-1(a) Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in the 3rd Degree (AUO 3d). Issued if your driving privileges have been suspended in New York state for: failure to answer a traffic ticket, failure to pay fines for a traffic ticket, failure to pay DMV Driver Assessment fees, failure to pay child support, or any other reason. We frequently see clients from other states and Canada that received a traffic ticket many years ago and either forgot to resolve the issue or pay their fine. This is a misdemeanor crime.

    Repeat offenders can be charged with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation in the 2nd (misdemeanor) and 1st (felony) Degrees.

  • Logbook Violations (and other CDL-specific issues)

  • Our attorneys are also highly-experienced with traffic law issues specific to commercial drivers (CDL). We understand that commercial drivers are held to a higher standard of behavior and must have a clean driving history with no points in order to maintain employment. Many infractions of the traffic laws applying to truck drivers and other professionals are actually misdemeanor crimes in New York state - Logbook Violations being one example. These must be handled with the proper consideration and care.

    If you or one of your drivers are cited with a Logbook Violation (VTL 212), Unsecured Cargo (VTL 377), Overweight (VTL 385(9), or other issue in Schenectady please contact our office for an evaluation of your case.

  • Other Moving Violations

  • Moving violations encompass almost every possible traffic infraction except VTL 1201(a). Besides those outlined above, some of the most common moving violations are: Disobey Traffic Control Device (VTL 1110(a)), Moved From Lane Unsafely (VTL 1128) - this is often now paired with many Move Over tickets, Operating Out of Class (VTL 509) - often issued to Junior License drivers, Unregistered (VTL 401), Motorcycle Equipment Tickets (VTL 381), and many more.

    In addition to open tickets, we may also be able to help you restore your driving privileges that were suspended due to an unanswered or unresolved ticket in the City of Schenectady. Also feel free to contact us with Error Coram Nobis requests.

We Go To Court For You.

Most traffic ticket cases in Schenectady can be resolved by our attorneys, without you having to make the trip to court. In some cases, like those involving misdemeanor crimes such as Aggravated Unlicensed Operation or a Logbook Violation you may be required to appear before the judge. Even in that case, don't sweat it. We will guide you through the system from beginning to end and coordinate with the court regarding your schedule and availability. We do our best to make sure your scrape with the law is as stress-free and easy as possible. Get Started Now

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