A few kind words from some of our former clients.

It is as important to us as it is to our clients that we provide the very best in quality legal advice and professional service. With every case that we take, we do our best to make sure Justice is served and our clients are afforded the highest protections of the law. Here, we have included a few reviews from our recent cases as well as links to other endorsements from around the web.

Brian - Schenectady, NY:

“Ken is a very bright lawyer with an incredible work ethic. He always went the extra mile to make sure that I had the proper representation. Ken is an honest and fair man. I knew that I could trust him to give me great guidance and would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody in need of a great lawyer.”

Steve - Albany, NY:

“I was arrested when the police kicked in my door after they caught some of my roommates hosting a party. Ken went on the offensive, and was able to have the charges against me significantly reduced by arguing that the police didn’t have the right to search my room or hold me responsible for someone else’s actions. Ken was excited about my case, and his enthusiasm translated into results. I would recommend Ken to anyone out there looking for an attorney.”

Ariel - Guilderland, NY:

“I got a ticket for doing 77 in a 55 which was ALSO A WORK ZONE! I knew that if I didn’t hire an attorney I would have a bunch of points added to my license and see my insurance rates go through the roof. I found Ken on the internet, and he was able to get my ticket reduced to a parking ticket WITH NO POINTS!!! When he called me to tell me the good news, I felt like doing cartwheels in my living room!”

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